25 Secrets to Having the Life You Want

The Dental Hygiene Chronicles

These are simple to learn, though not necessarily easy to achieve.

1. You will accomplish much more, much more easily if you take the time to first strengthen your personal foundation.

2. Come to see how perfect your life is today, even if it doesn’t look or feel that way.

3. Proactively choose the type of energy that you want to use during your life.

4. Decide that you want to learn, continuously and forever. Then choose to learn how to learn.

5. Reorient your life around the gifts you have, no matter what they are.

6. Put your integrity first, your needs second, and your wants third.

7. Let yourself have it all, even if it feels like too much.

8. Before you create a future, resolve the past and perfect the present.

9. For an effortless life, get more than you need and far more than you deserve.

10. Invest 10 percent of your time in maximizing the other 90 percent.

11. Set your goals based on your values, not on coulds, woulds, wills, or shoulds.

12. Start on your path to financial independence even if it doesn’t seem realistic.

13. Stop trying to change your behavior; instead, start shifting and evolving.

14. Triple your personal boundaries until your heart and spirit have the room they need.

15. Stop hanging around people who have less to lose than you do.

16. Stop waiting for anything. Instead, initiate 100 percent of the time.

17. Solve your problems, even if you didn’t cause them.

18. Build a community of people who bring out your best without trying to.

19.Develop your spirituality in a way that feels right to you.

20.Educate your environment until it responds to you the way you like.

21.Have more than enough love in your life.

22.Let your vision set your goals and guide your life.

23. Expand your vocabulary so you can be and share yourself.

24.Get comfortable with change and chaos.

25. Get a coach.

Meet Dental Hygienist and Certified Master Life and Business Coach Jamie Dooley:

Hi! My name is Jamie Dooley. I am a Certified Master Life and Business Coach, and I am living my “Ideal Life.” I specialize in helping busy professionals live authentically by going within to hear the whispers of their heart. Some quit jobs, some start businesses, some create self-care routines for the first time ever. As a hygienist myself, I know how empty your cup is at the end of the day. Healthcare providers are REALLY good at giving…not so good at receiving. 


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