Coach Annamarie

As a clinical dental hygienist with years of poor ergonomics and stress, I was motivated to seek a healthier lifestyle. Years of tolerations landed me with poor health, lack of energy and chronic neck pain. Subsequently, I lost my luster, I lost my shine.

Working as a dental hygienist I became intrigued with the oral systemic connection and immersed myself into studying holistic health.

As a result, I became a naturopathic doctor and master herbalist. Years later I studied Reiki and Tia Chi. Finally becoming a certified health and group fitness coach.

In 2014, I earned my bachelors degree in dental hygiene from the Fones School of Dental Hygiene at the University of Bridgeport.

I now work in community research as a dental hygienist and write. My blogs include The Dental Hygiene Chronicles and Coach Annamarie. I am thankful to live a healthier lifestyle through mind, body and spirit and hope to share my journey with you.

Stay safe, Annamarie