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8 BS Facts About Dental Hygienists That Everyone Thinks Are True

As a dental hygienist, I’m often asked by patients, family members and friends, “How do you do what you do?” I think to myself, well it’s not that bad. However, the things I see in my dental chair certainly substantiate their wonderment. Some patients show up without brushing their teeth, claiming that they “want to …

Dental Hygienists' Salary: How Lucrative is dental hygiene?

Dental Hygienists’ Salary: How Lucrative is Dental Hygiene?

Dental hygienists are in high demand and there are many reasons for it. COVID-19 has made permanent changes in our world, and in the field of dentistry. Dental hygienists are leaving clinic for positions in sales, education or research. Although in most cases, these positions do not compare to the clinical dental hygienists salary, hygienists …

dental visits during COVID-19

Dental Visits During COVID-19

Our team met today on Zoom. We have been having team meetings every Wednesday to discuss dental visits during COVID-19, dentistry’s new protocols, discuss team building activities and other work related topics. Today we worked on putting together our new protocol. That included creating a questionnaire for patients, discussing our log book for our team, …