Thank You Dental Professionals, We Love You!

As a Professional Dental Educator, I love talking with dental professionals about oral health. You can say it is in my wheel house. What dental hygienist DOESN’T like talking about dental things?

I have been given the opportunity to meet with dental professionals and share information that can help their patients help themselves while leaving us (hygienists) with a little breathing room. Imagine your last patient of the day, reclines in your chair, opens their mouth and bam! Good oral hygiene! YES!

That’s what I talk about at work and I love doing it.

One thing I am seeing in many dental offices are fatigue. This is painful to see because these are hard working individuals who are concerned for their patients overall health practicing with little regard for their own health because they care.

During these warmer months in Ohio, I invite you dental professionals to go outside during lunch and take a walk, breathe fresh air and sit in the sun and just smile.

To all of you oral healthcare professionals out there. Thank you for all you do! Please take care of yourselves. The world needs you.