How Golf May Change My Life

This summer my husband wants me to play golf with him. I have never played golf. It never appealed to me. Ball and stick sports were never my thing. Dancing, yoga and Tai Chi, now that’s my jam.

Don’t get me wrong, I have tried it, somewhat. I have hit golf balls at driving ranges only to grow bored rather quickly, whereby turning to my husband claiming “Ok I’m bored, let’s go!” How anybody can do the same thing for 8 hours is beyond my comprehension but there certainly are worse things you can do for 8 hours, like working a job you absolutely loathe.

In order to make golfing more attractive to me, my husband has our friends on board to join us this summer for some super rounds of golf. My girlfriend, like me, has never played golf so this should be interesting. Definitely entertaining. Another friend of mine picked up golfing last year and I asked her if she liked it, and she replied, “Yes, it’s fun. Look at me playing,” and showed me a pic of her in tall weeds looking for her ball. I had to laugh as she was laughing in the picture herself. Maybe I will enjoy a round of golf with friends. Plus, as my friend added, they have really cute golf outfits for women. That’s a bonus. (Hanesbrands Inc.)

Summer 2021 is going to be the year I try something new. After 2020 I feel the need to spread my wings and try to experience as much as I can. This year instead of trading my time for money, I’m trading my money for time. Fore!

Stay safe, Annamarie