How To Grow a Money Tree

Money Tree

The world has turned upside down and people are scrambling. Especially those in the dental field. After years of practicing hygiene, many are considering changing careers. What will we do? In another blog post I wrote about making money remotely through writing. In this post I present more ways we can make money outside of dentistry. Let’s discuss how to grow a money tree.

It all begins with the “F” word: Finances. Is your financial portfolio strong and healthy? Do you know how to strengthen it? If you are like me, you have gone to work and lived your life, getting caught up in mundane things, rarely thinking about the future, because you were just too busy.

Guess what? We have time now! No excuses.

Having avoided the “F” word for too long, I am now determined to turn over a new leaf and learn how to make my money grow. It is time to draw back the curtains and open the books and face the financial beast head on.

Friends Helping Friends

I am thankful that I have a great network of friends. One of my friends recently introduced me to Michael Romanello. A licensed securities broker and an expert on mutual funds, annuities, life, disability and long term insurance.

And so, I was given his book to read, Thrive: How to Thrive Financially. I was hesitant at first because finances is as foreign to me as teeth are to a finance guy. Once I started reading the book I was instantly drawn in because the book is written in story form, and who doesn’t like a good story?

His writing style steadily pulls you in by revealing real life stories of financial pitfalls and wins, many from the authors own experiences. Topics of discussion and exploration include home ownership, credit cards, government taxation and real estate investing, and that is just in the first 2 chapters!

The information is interesting and easy to process, just what this dental hygienist needs when it comes to learning about finances. I know all about teeth but very little in the finance department.

All that said, I am inspired to write a series on financial topics that will help us all to strengthen our financial portfolio. Making intelligent decisions when it comes to how we spend and save our money is vital now and in the future. Together we will learn how to fertilize and grow our money tree.

Michael Romanello will be guiding me along on this financial journey. If you are interested in learning more, make sure you follow this blog.

If you are interested in purchasing Mr. Romanello’s book, you can buy the book here.

Or check out his company website:

We are all in this together. We can do this!

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