Meet 2 Extraordinary Dental Hygienists

The Dental Hygiene Chronicles

This week The Dental Hygiene Chronicles is spotlighting two dental hygienists who have taken their skills and knowledge to a level that is awe inspiring. They are truly influential dental hygienists. Meet 2 extraordinary dental hygienists:


Fran graduated with a degree in Dental Hygiene in 1984 from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ.  She was introduced to Biological dentistry immediately upon graduation through the use of Phase Contrast Microscopy and now has returned to research and find the root cause and prevention of disease by utilizing Holistic modalities.  She has established working relationships with many medical providers in the field of Alternative and Integrative Medicine and is one of the founding members and on the board of the first Holistic Chamber of Commerce in the state of New Jersey.  Fran is the Qualitative Director of the largest Holistic dental practice in the state of New Jersey and oversees quality control, customer service and staff training. She is also a public speaker who presents internationally on biological modalities, moderating and presenting webinars, seminars, wellness events, creating Continuing Education courses, a ghost writer for articles and blogs on Holistic dentistry and has created many YouTube videos. She has experience in Public Relations, marketing and Social Media.

Fran is an active member and lectures for the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) on the RDH Committee creating certification programs for hygienists, a designated hygiene mentor and is also an admin for their RDH Facebook page. She is also on the Board of the IABDM (International Academy of Biological Medicine and Dentistry) lecturer, mentor, an admin of their RDH Facebook page and actively working with them and their outreach to dental hygienists and is also a member of the HDA (Holistic Dental Association), and AAOSH (American Academy of Oral Systemic Health). She is also a proud member of ADHA (American Dental Hygiene Association). Fran is also the founder and owner of Integrative Perio Solutions LLC and Hygiene Naturally. These businesses focus on educating the practitioner and the consumer on biological/holistic dentistry and implementing it in their daily businesses and practices. She also will soon be a Lyffee line Educator where she will be helping businesses and consumers obtain a natural alternative solution for dry mouth.

Sunie Keller, RN, RDH, CHC

When I started my BS program in Dental Hygiene after having my RN, I didn’t know if I would like it-so knew I could fall back onto nursing. Fortunately, I loved both and did simultaneously nursing and hygiene for 30 years-usually working several hospital jobs and several RDH positions. When I got married at the ripe old age of 42 and had a baby at 44-I chose to stay home 2yrs and then go back to hygiene part-time.  When that marriage fell apart 11 years later-I needed to reinvent myself. Hygiene jobs were not as plentiful as they are now-so I decided to pursue a legal nursing career and obtained a certificate in that specialty. While I was doing medical malpractice and personal injury cases-I realized there was a niche that I could carve out since I was the only certified legal nurse w/ a dental background. So I started specializing in dental malpractice and personal injury cases.

I was approached to write an article in a legal nurse consulting journal (peer-reviewed) on Dental Infections and Malpractice. That article-which took 1 yr to write, won article of the year award at their annual convention. Several years later, attorneys stopped calling me for work and that was a blessing in disguise. I had a hygiene friend of 40 yrs that was a health coach making 4 x’s the amt her DDS husband was in a very large group practice in Southern Calif. I contacted her 3 years ago-and that was one of the best calls of my life. Now I am able to do nursing and hygiene on my terms, travel the world and the best part is to help the whole person. We talk about the oral-systemic link and when we can help a person have a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy finances-there is no better gift we can give someone. When a client calls me and says they have been able to get off meds due to dropping weight-there is no better gratification. This is a passion I have and luckily I get paid very well for something I can’t wait to wake-up to every morning. And I need more coaches since the world is filled with people who are not only un-healthy in their bodies, but their mind and finances. It is a true joy to offer this gift to others.

Stay safe, Annamarie

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