Save A Life With Patti, RDH, BS

My goal in writing The Dental Hygiene Chronicles is to share stories with other dental hygienists who may feel overwhelmed or burned out in clinic and are at a loss of where to go and how to do it. I also like to talk about shoes and makeup, so there is some of that too!

I have met so many extraordinary dental hygienists in my career and I like to share their stories with you.

Meet Patti Milam, a dental hygienist and in my opinion, the best CPR instructor. Why? Have you ever left a CPR class feeling overwhelmed and not sure of your abilities to provide CPR? Patti has a teaching style that engages, captivates and makes the information memorable. You walk away from her classes feeling confident in your abilities to provide CPR. Thank you Patti! You are truly an inspiration.

Patti Milam, RDH, BS

American Heart Association Certified CPR Instructor

Save A Life With Patti, LLC

In 2009 a very unique opportunity was introduced to me and I left the operatory after doing clinical dental hygiene for 19 years.  With no prior sales experience except my leadership roles in The Cleveland Dental Hygienists’ Association (secretary, president-elect, president and trustee) the company took a chance on me.   I became a clinical specialist for a salivary diagnostic testing company with a territory of five states.  Lunch and learns, continuing education lectures and working with fascinating doctors from Harvard and The University of Michigan and Vanderbilt was my livelihood until 2012.   Our parent company Quest Diagnostics sadly laid us off in late 2012.    Not wanting to go back into the operatory and knowing that I loved to teach I decided to start my own business.  In 2013 I obtained my CPR Instructor credential through The American Heart Association, purchased manikins and needed supplies and secured a business LLC license to operate.   Through the beauty of having many friends and colleagues with The Cleveland Dental Hygienists’ Association I hung out my “shingle” and Save A Life With Patti, LLC was born.  My very first CPR Renewal class was at the dental office where I worked for 19 years.   Referrals and Facebook advertising has kept me busy. My business model is tailored to teaching and renewing dental and medical professionals. I teach utilizing a team concept giving real life examples of emergency situations and work hands-on in a non- intimidating manner with the students on the manikin.

I am also certified in Pet CPR.  Those who know me also know Sierra my Goldendoodle dog who often “helps out” when I hold a class at my home. I am in the process of writing a book about all the pets I have had throughout my lifetime.   I have some really funny stories to share.

A bucket list goal on my agenda is to become a yoga instructor someday.  I would love to tailor a yoga class specifically for dental professionals.  The dental world has been a part of my life since I was an 18 year old dental assistant and I appreciate all the opportunities, friends and colleagues I have met along the way.


  1. Dar Theodus

    Wow! What a great article! I know Patti personally, and she is the real deal! You can’t go wrong getting your CPR training with her, as she is professional and comfortable to be around… and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet Sierra, too!

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