That’s Why I Don’t Like Spoons

I receive notifications in my email from Not sure how this happened but I don’t mind, many of the questions generate entertaining answers.

Today the question was:

What inanimate object do you not get along with?

You know this question had to yield some pretty funny responses and it certainly did not disappoint. Amusingly, many people have a problem with spoons. So, the question was what inanimate object do people not get along with? The answers were hysterical!

  • Spoons with different pattern than the others.
  • The desk at my office is this old wooden one with a rough surface. It ruined like 3, 4 of my sweaters and shirts right by the elbow like 100 grit sandpaper. Had to place two dollar store dinner table mats around where I would type and place elbow usually. I do NOT miss my desk during this WFH times.
  • That one teaspoon in the drawer that I dislike for no reason at all.
  • That potato masher that always gets caught when I try to close the drawer.
  • USBs. Why are they always in the most inconvenient spot to plug in and why do I have to try 13x to plug it in? USB-C is an absolute treasure.
  • We’ve got one spoon in our drawer that is different from the others. I refuse to use it.

This list cracks me up! Share it for a smile or two:)

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