The Little Dental Hygienists

The Little Dental Hygienists was a created in an effort to inspire children to brush their teeth and eat healthy food. If you are in the dental field, or you are a parent, you know how challenging it is to motivate children to brush their teeth. Too often, children don’t brush their teeth and if you ask them why not, they say “I don’t know”.

Bo and Abby are the Little Dental Hygienists. Named after my beloved dogs, Beaujolais and Abby. Kids love fun characters and characters have historically motivated change in children. Take for instance Bugs Bunny, a character who always ate carrots. Or Popeye the Sailor Man whose favorite food was spinach; it gave him great strength. I love spinach and it is in part because of Popeye. I always wanted to be strong and if I ate spinach, as a kid, I felt strong. As an adult, I chop it up and add it to my smoothies.

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The influence Bugs Bunny and Popeye had on me as a child was positive and it helped to instill healthy habits. Mom and dad tried but in the end, it was Bugs Bunny and Popeye who motivated me to eat healthy. I created Bo and Abby to help motivate children to brush their teeth and eat healthy foods.

Little Dental Hygienist Bo

Little Dental Hygienist Bo

Bo is the youngest dental hygienist in the world and he loves talking about teeth and science. He loves exploring and wants to one day explore remote places. Bo is polite and quick to whip up a science experiment. Bo loves animals and volunteers at the local animal shelter near his house; often bringing toys for the animals to play with. Bo loves a variety of foods but his favorite all time food is pizza.  

Little Dental Hygienist Abby

Little Dental Hygienist Abby

Abby is friendly, kind and considerate. She is very good in gymnastics and loves horses. Her favorite foods are bananas and avocados, because they both give her energy and strength. Abby looks forward to one day going on a dental mission in an obscure part of the world, where she can help others be free of dental pain and feel good about their smile. Abby hopes that one day every child will have a toothbrush so they can brush their teeth and have a healthy smile.

Inspiration and fun!

Abby and Bo inspire children to adopt healthy habits using fun games, puzzles and charts. this cute tooth brushing chart that can be used to motivate children to brush, twice daily.

If you like, you can print this toothbrushing chart or download it here and make copies for your little patients or your own child.

Stay tuned for more ideas and check out the Little Dental Hygienists store on Teespring.

Happy toothbrushing!

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