What Are You Doing With Your Extra Time?

With all this newfound time, I am writing and cooking to pass the time. What are you doing with your extra time?

Since we cannot go to bars and restaurants and, as of today at 2:00pm, going to the salon is out of the question, as is doing a lot of things we once took for granted, time feels like it is standing still. Thankfully I visited a few places before we were on lock down. One of the places I visited was a Medispa for a treatment that was non-invasive and would help build collagen in my face.

While waiting to get back to life, my face is building collagen, so there’s that.

The treatment is a non-invasive treatment called Ultherapy. I was told that it is a non-surgical treatment with no down time and could return to life, i.e, exercise, work, that same day. On top of it being relatively painless it was 1/10th the cost of the 2 hour eye lift surgery where I was told I would go home with a stitch attached from my forehead to my lower lid (are you kidding me?)

I was instructed not to have coffee or any stimulant the morning of my appointment and to abstain from aspirin and garlic, as they tend to thin the blood and can result in excessive bruising. No problem. The treatment would take about an hour. I was good to go.

Arriving 20 minutes early I sat in the waiting room, excitedly anticipating how much better I was going to look and feel.

Carla was the gal that was going to give me the treatment and when she came and got me from the waiting room early, I was pleased with her efficiency. Let’s do this!

Carla seated me in a big comfy leather recliner in a small room with soft music playing. She closed the door, smiled and asked, “Are you ready?” I replied yes while observing her young, wrinkle free face thinking to myself, oh to be young again.

She went over some incidental things and explained that the treatment was going to feel uncomfortably annoying, like a constant tapping. I could handle that. No problem let’s get started.

She put some gel on my face and ran a wand over the areas on my face, as the wand shot short electrical pulses into my skin. At first, I thought it was no big deal. However, as time wore on and she continued running the wand over the same area it became a painful burning sensation. When she got to my temples some of my strands of hair felt like they were being shocked. It was the strangest feeling. Carla told me that I might feel it in my hair folicles and I did. I felt like I was being electrocuted but in minute amounts. The sensation was hot and stingy for the entire hour of treatment.

It hurt like hell!

It was easy, but definitely not pain free or a simple annoyance. After a while, it hurt like hell! Before I went I watched a video on Kathy Lee Gifford having it done and it looked doable.

Carla gave me a gold metal vibrator thing to hold and said that it would take my mind off the treatment and if I put the vibrator on my collar bone, it would help divert my brain to the collar bone sensation rather than to the burning stinging pain in my face.

It did work, for the most part, and I was relieved for the distraction as it did help significantly.

After the treatment my face was sore. I developed some bruising under my eyes but wore glasses to work the next day so no one would notice. Carla told me that it would take between 3-6 months before I saw any results.

The treatment was done February 28th and it is now March 18th. I still have some soreness around my eyes and the bruising is virtually gone; I am almost back to normal.

I would not do it again

If I had to do it again, at this point the pain is still in my memory and I don’t think I would. Maybe I have a low tolerance to pain. I am glad I didn’t go for the 2 hour surgery. I would be in really bad shape, I don’t think I am mentally strong enough to go in for elective surgery. I am still working through the trauma I incurred from the Ultherapy appointment.

If in 3-6 months I look better then maybe the trauma will have been worth it. I don’t know. I will wait and see. We will all wait and see. Time will tell.

Stay safe, Annamarie

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