What Are Your Talents?

Being that most of us are very limited in our activities these days, I went on to a dental hygiene social media page asking the question: Do you have any skills or talents that you can share with the rest of us? Since we are on lock down, and some people are working from home, I thought hey, let’s get to know each other.

My intention on asking this question was to possibly learn something new and share ideas. Also, it would be a great way for everyone to get some exposure, which could lead to additional streams of income for each other. There were lots of interested dental hygienists and many mentioned what their skills or talents were.

Here are just some of the things fellow dental hygienists said:

“I raise Monarch and Eastern Black Swallowtail butterflies”

“I try to turn junk into something”

“I crochet little beanies and stuffed animals”

“I like to make necklaces and bracelets” 

Naomi Weston sent me an email in response to my query on the social media site. I sent her some questions and she was happy to answer them. I’d like to share her talents with you, I think you will admit she is pretty cool and she is a dental hygienist.

Meet Naomi Weston who has an alternative fashion brand on etsy.

DHC: What inspired you?

Naomi Weston:I love all art, I’m a musician and I draw and paint. But lately I’ve been focusing on sewing because I’ve been spending more time in my fashion community. 

DHC: How long?

Naomi Weston: I’ve been sewing 22 years. I began sewing for my American Girl dolls when I was younger. 

DHC: What does it do for your heart and soul?

Naomi Weston: Makes me happy

DHC: Where do you sell, if you do? 

Naomi Weston: https://etsy.me/2Zfm1ya

DHC: Why are you compelled to do what you do?

Naomi Weston: Because I like to create unique things that can’t be bought

DHC: If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be?

Naomi Weston: A dental hygienist

If you like this post, please like and share. Be sure to visit Naomi’s etsy page https://etsy.me/2Zfm1ya and her Spotify page.

If you are a dental hygienist with a talent or a skill that you would like to see posted here on the Chronicles shoot me an email annamariepam@gmail.com.

Stay well!

Stay safe, Annamarie

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