What Do You Genuinely Not Understand?

I was on the internet looking for a recipe for my new airfryer and was careened into a completely different direction. An intriguing question was asked and I had to stop and read the answers. The answers were plenty but for the sake of having to cook dinner soon, I listed 10 of the responses I found to the provocative question:

What Do You Genuinely Not Understand?

  1. How the global economy runs
  2. Excel spreadsheets
  3. How language developed
  4. Nothing. Like the whole concept of nothing boggles my mind. What was here before our universe? Nothing. What’s in between the atoms of our bodies? Nothing. What’s for dinner? Nothing.
  5. Quantum mechanics
  6. People who inflate their cheeks when they’re underwater
  7. I’ve always wondered how English-speaking kids learn to read. In my native language, Finnish, each letter represents only one sound. English-speaking kids and/or teachers must have some superpowers
  8. Chemistry, I genuinely have no idea how atomic layers or molecule diagrams work and no explanation I have ever had has helped.
  9. The fourth dimension. What the actual heck.
  10. Traffic. You sit on the high way driving 3mph thinking “Hmm must be a wreck ahead” then you get clear of the traffic and there was never any clear reason or cause for the traffic.

I contemplated that question while going back to the airfryer. My initial response was people. I don’t understand people.

What do you genuinely not understand?

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