I Discovered Tai Chi

Tai Chi

I was T-boned in a car accident and had practiced dental hygiene with poor ergonomics for 20+ years. I suffered with anxiety and chronic pain. In my quest to find relief without prescription medication I discovered Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a slow meditative type dance that slows down the body and brain, promoting deep relaxation. A place where healing begins. It is better than any prescription medication that I have taken.

Practicing Tai Chi has a myriad of benefits to help ease trauma, anxiety and stress.

Below is a video of our class in training taught by Antoinette Horn a Tai Chi Easy Instructor with the Healer Within Foundation.

Now that life has changed and we are social distancing and wearing masks, life as we once knew it is happening through videos such as on Facebook and Zoom.

American Council on Exercise

The upside to this new world is that I am saving a lot of money by not going anywhere and I really do enjoy this time at home and am grateful for all that I have.

Like the rest of you, when I get bored I take a class online, visit with my friends and family via Zoom and try to make the best of the situation. Knowing this too pass.

Since we have this extra time, why not try Tai Chi Easy? I invite you to check out the Healer Within Facebook page. Like their page and get to know some of the extraordinary Tai Chi Easy instructors, take a class and relax. This is not a permanent situation. Might as well take advantage of it.

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